I believe strongly in Life. Yes, i am pro-life and deeply opposed to abortion. Like many people I am torn by the idea of mothers aborting their child in the womb and the needless taking of Life before it has  completed it’s chance at life. The definitive word being “completed.” Several weeks of life is not a choice for the child…. It is, by all accounts, murder. In America there has been in excess of 52+ million murders conducted from our back alleys to modern abortion clinics.

It may be “Choice” to adult and young women, but to the fetus, there is no voice, no choice. Their lives are extinguished without thought to what they may have chosen. no one is there speaking for them, or their personal and individual right. yes, to me, and to God, they are nonetheless “people.” A gift to the young mother from God.

Won’t you please write your Representative and Senators asking them to preserve life by passing a Pro-Life Amendment? The link below will automatically connect you to your Representative and Senators. It takes five minutes to voice your opinion and an opinion for the yet unborn. If you feel as I do, then please click the link below and write your Representative and Senators today. A life truly does depend on it.

Click here to: Visit the National Right to Life organization