Mathew 28:18-20

Scripture teaches  us to tell others about Jesus Christ. And while sharing the gospel  is awesome, it is simply not enough. We should continue to encourage and invest in new  believers. Many don’t know where to begin reading in the Bible or how to spend  time with their heavenly Father.

Of course, God takes  each person’s spiritual journey seriously, and He won’t leave a seeking heart  unsatisfied. At the same time, we have a responsibility to invest in the lives  of spiritual brothers and sisters by sharing our understanding and experience.

This type of teaching  is called discipleship, and it is both an honor and a great responsibility. As  you commence this type of relationship, consider the following points.

First, make sure to continually spend time with the  Lord so that you are growing and in tune with His Spirit. Second, be prepared  with a plan. Your friend needs to understand the basics, such as how to read the Bible, what prayer is, and where to find fellowship. New believers will  have questions–answers are important, as is your  ability to find resources when you are unsure of how to reply. Third, help the  individual understand generally what to expect as he embarks on his Christian  walk. Tomorrow, we will explore the stages of a believer’s journey.

Most of us learned,  struggled, and learned some more till we began to understand the basics of life  in Christ. Godly mentors can be a tremendous help. And remember, no matter how  long we’ve believed, we never stop needing advice  and encouragement from those farther along in the journey.