The spiritual gift of faith is found in the list of the gifts of the Spirit in 1  Corinthians 12. Verse 9 says that some people are given the gift of faith, but  the gift is not specifically explained. All believers have been given saving  faith by God as the only means of salvation (Ephesians  2:8-9), but not all believers are given the spiritual gift of faith. Like  all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the spiritual gift of faith was given for the  “common good” which means the edifying of the body of Christ (1 Corinthians  12:7).

The gift of faith may be defined as the special gift whereby  the Spirit provides Christians with extraordinary confidence in God’s promises,  power, and presence so they can take heroic stands for the future of God’s work  in the church. The spiritual gift of faith is exhibited by one with a strong and  unshakeable confidence in God, His Word, and His promises. Examples of people  with the gift of faith are those listed in Hebrews chapter 11. This chapter,  often called “the hall of faith,” describes those whose faith was extraordinary,  enabling them to do extraordinary, superhuman things. Here we see Noah spending  120 years building a huge boat when, up to that time, rain was non-existent and  Abraham believing he would father a child when his natural ability to do so had  ended. Without the special anointing of faith as a gift from God, such things  would have been impossible.

As with all spiritual gifts, the gift of  faith is given to some Christians who then use it to edify others in the body of  Christ. Those with the gift of faith are an inspiration to their fellow  believers, exhibiting a simple confidence in God that shows in all they say and  do. Extraordinarily faithful people show a humble godliness and reliance on  God’s promises, often so much so that they are known to be quietly fearless and  zealous. They are so convinced that all obstacles to the gospel and to God’s  purposes will be overcome and so confident that God will secure the advancement  of His cause, that they will often do infinitely more in the promotion of His  kingdom than the most talented and erudite preachers and teachers.

So to  sum it up, God gives all Christians saving faith. The spiritual gift of faith is  given to some, who exhibit extraordinary amounts of faith in their Christian  walk and who, by their faith, are a joy and an encouragement to others.