There is a great need for a “New Protestant Reform.”

The Writings of a Reformed Farmer

The Protestant Reformation saw the advancement of the Gospel and an understanding of right doctrine that hadn’t been seen since the time of Christ and the Apostles. It drew Christianity out of the dark ages of the faith; a time when the Scripture was forbidden to be read in the language of the people, when superstition reigned, where abominations within the church leadership was a norm, and when a knowledge of the Truth was virtually unknown. But to the glory of God, He rekindled the fire of the Gospel, and it spread like a fire in a barn of hay. The Reformation has given us such a wealth of knowledge of the truth of Christ’s teaching that I personally will never be able to ingest all of. Between the writings of John Calvin and John Gill, Matthew Henry and Charles Spurgeon, Martin Luther and Ulrich Zwingli, to name only a…

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