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Coty Pinckney, in a sermon, “Oh, No! Not Leviticus!”

Those of you who have tried to read through the Bible cover to cover find Leviticus to be the first big challenge. Some give up in the middle of this book.

….Why is Leviticus so unpopular?

Many readers object that this book focuses on:

  1. A sacrificial system which is no longer relevant,
  2. a priesthood which is no longer in existence,
  3. and laws which are no longer binding.

Think of yourself standing before a locked door, with untold treasure on the other side. You have a huge ring of keys, hundreds of keys. You look at a particular key, examine the lock, and decide, “This old key can’t possibly fit; I’ll throw it away.” But that very key, the very key you reject, is the only one that can unlock the room full of riches.

I tell you this morning: Leviticus is…

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