Acts 2:1-41

Mission work isn’t limited to foreign lands. Every church is surrounded by a community—a population of souls who need the Savior. As followers of Jesus, we are called to make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). So we cannot justify sitting comfortably in a pew while our neighbors struggle without God. The local church is to be a lighthouse for the Lord, and four principles can help its efforts.
First, the church needs a shared vision for carrying out the Great Commission in the community. To be effective disciple-makers, the congregation must be willing to work together. If only the pastor or a small group of church members are interested in this mission, it cannot succeed. Second, proper motivation is necessary. In God’s eyes, right reasons for sharing the gospel include love for Him, love for people, and a desire to be obedient. Third, the appropriate methods must be employed. Every community and situation is different, so no one method works everywhere. The approach used must be based on scriptural principles and directed by the Holy Spirit. Fourth, the church must draw upon the best energy—only through God’s Spirit can members be equipped for effective long-term witnessing to neighbors.
Do you want to be part of a church that spreads the gospel in your community? Then start praying for the congregation and pastor to develop a shared vision and burden for the neighborhood. And commit yourself to getting involved in Scripture-based outreach. Be the spark that lights a fire in fellow Christians’ hearts.