Genesis 39:19-23

When the problems of life seem overwhelming, we need someone to come alongside and help us to see our difficulties through the eyes of our sovereign God. Joseph is just such a person. Although he lived thousands of years ago, his story still speaks to us with great insights into the Lord’s purposes.
Joseph experienced a wide variety of trials—hatred, rejection, and betrayal by his brothers; loss of home, family, and freedom; false accusation and imprisonment; and the loneliness and disappointment of being forgotten. His life was a series of difficult and unfair situations, yet Scripture never records any bitterness or revenge in Joseph’s responses to all these circumstances.
Though outwardly it may have seemed as if God had abandoned the young man, inwardly He was doing some awesome work in Joseph’s heart. The Lord had some big plans for him, and He knew that these trials would be the most effective tools for preparing His servant for the work that lay ahead.
As Joseph responded to each situation with faith in God and diligence in every task assigned to him, one fact became obvious to all who knew him: the Lord was with Joseph (Gen. 41:38-39).
We need to remember this when we are going through hard times. The Lord is with us even when our circumstances shout that He has deserted us. We may have little control over the difficulties we face, but we each have a choice of how to respond. Joseph calls to us from a time long past, urging us to trust God.