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SIH TOTT ICONMatthew 24:, the companion passage to Rev 6:, tells us…

Mat 24:8 KJV – All these are the beginning of sorrows.

In the context of this passage, we see Matthew 24: listing six “sorrows”, which align themselves perfectly with six seals of Rev 6:…

  1. vs 5… False Teachers and Anti-Christs
  2. vs 6–7a …. Wars and Rumors Of Wars
  3. vs 7b ,,, Famines
  4. vs 7c … Horrific Deaths (pestilences, earthquakes)
  5. vs 8-14… Martyrdom of Saints
  6. vs 15-21… Worship Taken From Jews and Lost World (Taking Truth and Physical Destruction From Lost)

Why does this Matthew passage refer to these 6 types of tribulation brought upon mankind as “sorrows”?  The word for “sorrows” is a Greek word for “birth pains”.   Why would Christ describe these as “birth pains”?

There are at least three basic ideas connected with birth pains:

  1. suffering that increases in frequency
  2. suffering that increases in intensity
  3. suffering that lead…

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