Hello, and welcome to my blog, Altruistico:  
In the world of today theres’ a lot of disinformation and confusion concerning life, family, love and dealing with everyday problems.. Life today holds many opposing thoughts and ideas on how to deal with these. We live in times where people rush in order to get nowhere. They’re doing so at an ever-increasing pace. In a fast paced world people want there answers NOW! I can’t promise an immediate answer, but I can show you a source for finding all of your answers to all of your concerns. It is through Christ Jesus (Yeshua).

About me:

I have come (journeyed) a long and troublesome path. Like many of you I have seen despair, troubles and trials. I have suffered at the hands of others; but mostly I have suffered at my own hand and my own free will. I am now a re-born Christian of non-denominational faith. Serving the one true church, that of Christ Jesus, upon whom the true Church is built. I try to present solutions to an ever-changing world. Showing disparity and conflict as, perhaps, being a means of which we grow and understand all of the above.

I support Israel and the Jewish people because I believe there is a true bonding through the Judeo-Christian belief in the God of Abraham, Isaac and jacob. That through the Blood of Jesus Christ, who died for our sins, we have all been brought into the House of God. Though we were Gentile (other nations) we have been delivered. Do not misunderstand. I love all people and pray for each. Whether you are Muslim (Islam), Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist or Agnostic I hold love through Jesus Christ for you and all of your people. I wish all could be saved through Jesus Christ. All are welcome here.

I also try to encourage people to understand the truest form of altruism. The giving of ourselves in unselfish random acts of kindness.  Showing concern towards others and their needs. In a fast, ever-changing world, it is sometimes hard to do. I believe there is a connection between the individual acts of selfless altruism and being Christ like. Though you need not be a Christian to be selfless – yet,  aren’t the similarities there?

About my blog:

My site is open to everyone – you’re welcome to come in and browse, explore and search for your answers. So, join me here on altruistico and let’s discover solutions together.Take a moment to relax while you browse my blog and please, enjoy your time here.  Your comments are always welcome and I do encourage you to leave yours on any of my postings. Share with us your thoughts, your experiences with Christ and the Lord God.

Please take the time to view this video by Stan Moore entitled “The One I’m Dying For” from the song by the Isaac’s with the same name/title. As seen through the eyes of Barabbas. (Barabbas was a criminal who was in prison when Jesus was brought to trial. Pilate offered the people a chance to free one prisoner of their choice, thinking they’d choose Jesus–but they asked for Barabbas’ release instead).  It is an awesome and inspiring presentation. To view it now click onto “The One I’m Dying For.”

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is good and acceptable and the perfect will of God.  Living Sacrifice to God.

Thank you.