The world always keeps a keen eye on believers. So  desperate to find something genuine and true, they will watch to see if our  talk measures up to our lifestyle. Many times, their motives are just to  confirm their growing suspicion that nothing true and genuine exists.

In passing along our faith, nothing is stronger than  the way we live our lives. We can espouse all the Christian rhetoric we know,  but if it does not match our actions, our true hearts are exposed.

Jesus gave everything He had before He left earth,  including His life. While His primary purpose in coming to the world was to  save us through His death and resurrection, He also longed to impart to us a  solid faith.

And to those whom He gave special attention in  teaching them the ways of the heavenly Father, Jesus asked that they do the  same to others.

“[Jesus] said to [Peter] the third time, ‘Do you  love Me?’ And he said to Him, ‘Lord, You know all things; You know that I love  You.’ Jesus said to him, ‘Tend My sheep’” (John 21:17).

Passing on our faith often consists of thoughtful  encounters where we verbally express what God means to our lives. But people  hear more through what we do than what we say. Living a life that reflects the  true nature of our love for Christ is a way we can pass on our faith to the  world around us.