Colossians 4:2-6

Prayer is a priority for any person who is used mightily by God. Jesus often slipped away to spend quiet moments with His Father. If the Son of God needed prayer time, then we certainly cannot live well without it! In the earlier post we saw that those who go it alone become weary bearing unnecessary burdens. In this post we will look at the results of slogging through life under that extra weight.

When someone is spiritually, emotionally, or physically drained, he or she becomes susceptible to discouragement. Joshua was exhorted to meditate upon the Law, because his success was dependent upon following God’s will (Josh. 1:8-9). Keeping the Lord at the center of one’s focus builds confidence. Without prayer and Bible reading—which cannot be separated—believers enter a vicious cycle where troubles loom ever larger as man-made solutions fail. Under such conditions, discouragement is unavoidable.

Loss of confidence is soon followed by doubt. A believer immersed in prayer and Scripture reading will find security in the Lord’s power and presence. But someone who questions God’s faithfulness will look for refuge everywhere except in those disciplines. Eventually, he or she is going to step out of God’s will while chasing a counterfeit solution. Sadly, a testimony-damaging situation often results.

Forsaking prayer results in a downward slide, but the good news is that the direction can be reversed at any time. The corrective steps are simple: confess your prayerlessness and then prioritize a regular quiet time with the Lord. In those moments of communion, He will make burdens light, offer encouragement, and fill His children with confidence.