Isaiah 40:28-31

The heavenly Father wants His children talking with Him. Jesus gave an invitation to speak with God about anything. He said that if you have a need, ask; if you seek answers, you will find them; if you want opportunities to open up, knock and He will respond (Matt. 7:7-8). Even so, there are believers who do not bother communicating with the Lord, except in emergencies.

Forsaking prayer is costly to a person’s well-being. Those who will not make time for God daily are on a slippery slope. They slide through weariness, discouragement, and doubt to land in a testimony-damaging situation. Now we will focus on the first phase—weariness. In the next post we can examine the rest of the descent.

Certain situations take an emotional, physical, and spiritual toll—we call these burdens. Such low points can wear us out if we try to endure them alone. But God does not intend for that weight to fall on our shoulders. In fact, the Bible commands that those loads be cast upon Jesus Christ (Ps. 55:22). “Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears our burden,” cries David in Psalm 68:19. Remember, He is doing all the work to straighten out your circumstances anyway. So there’s no point in both Him and you carrying that weight.

Hauling all our worries and cares around is wearying because we are not built for such loads. In God’s design, His strength fills the believer to capacity. Picture Jesus’ shoulders just above your own—with Him bearing your problems. The burden does not disappear, but it feels blessedly lighter when you hand it over to the Lord.