2 Peter 3:14-19

Christians are in a three-front spiritual war. We battle against our own flesh and this world’s influence even as Satan tries to take us captive. A good soldier needs to understand his mission thoroughly, or else he will make mistakes and fall to the Enemy.

During a Christian soldier’s lifetime, God will adjust His orders to suit the current battle. But the warrior’s ultimate mission never changes—to reach the campaign’s end with his testimony intact. In other words, a believer’s first priority is to guard against error and temptation by knowing the truth.

Sadly, many believers realize too late the need to defend themselves. While they are looking for momentous, obvious attacks, the Enemy sneaks in with guerrilla warfare—often right into the church itself. People with enticing new ideas and appealing words infiltrate and spread half-truths. Ill-equipped soldiers swallow this poison until their faith is impaired and their testimony nearly dead.

What the weakened soldier lacks is adequate preparation for the mission. One cannot stand unarmed before an enemy bent upon destruction! Yet in our hands, we carry our whole arsenal—the Bible. Everything God’s soldiers should know is in His Book. But we must read, study, and think about His principles in order to wield our weapons correctly (Eph. 6:13-17).

Never underestimate the Enemy. You can’t avoid spiritual warfare, which invades your church, your home, and even your body and mind. Study the Bible so you can put on truth and wisdom to defend yourself. Then you can complete your mission and face your commander Jesus Christ in victory!