PSALM 34:1-10

Most men and women desire “the good life,” which they picture as a measure of material success, a minimum of troubles, and a degree of happiness. To achieve this dream, some people live simply in a quiet setting, while others work long and hard to amass financial security. Yet, satisfaction and contentment remain elusive for many. That’s because the real key to the good life is to seek hard after our heavenly Father.

In pursuing the Lord, we are to have a relationship-oriented goal—that is, to grow in intimacy with Him. Increasing our knowledge and understanding of His character will deepen our connection to Him.

As we study God’s Word, His Holy Spirit will open our minds and hearts so that we can comprehend the Lord’s beauty and perfection. That will lead to our rejoicing over His kind, compassionate nature and the depth of His love for us (Eph. 3:17-19). Our minds will be in awe of His just and merciful character that enables Him to be both a righteous judge and our all-sufficient advocate (Job 16:19).

The better we know the Lord, the closer we will want to draw near. What’s more, studying His commands and implementing them in our life will also strengthen our relationship with the Creator.

The key to the abundant life is found in pursuing God. He wants us to know Him in increasing measure, give Him first place in our lives, and do what pleases Him. Then He will give us the good things of life—namely, everything that fits into His plan and purpose for us.