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Becomes Viral Sensation After Ripping Protesters.

An Air Force veteran who supports the President-elect has had enough of the violence erupting at anti-Trump protests across the country. Alexander believes a generation of young people who are used to getting their way all the time finally being told “no” is what is leading to what he sees as a collective temper tantrum. And, I agree. How say you?

Some of you may recall my speaking t0 you about the Westboro Baptist Church and their false doctrine and teaching. Thugs from the insane Westboro Baptist Church wanted to protest the funeral of a fallen marine… Their goal was to make the day even worse for the heartbroken, grieving family. – Then, Bikers Show Up!

As Christians we are called to be Patriots and the defenders of the weak. Watch this short video to see the “Patriot Guard” defend a grieving family.

This is well worthy of a “Good Listen.” As a Christian and a strong patriot of MY COUNTRY I ask everyone give a careful listen to this post/video….. In my opinion, it’s right on.

Chastisement 2014

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Naomi Wolf, the well known author,  presents you with the truth. A movie you must see to believe. What I took away from this documentary is “America; The new Fascist Regime.” What will you take from it?