Tonight is Christmas Eve. A time for family and friends to unite in peace, love and harmony.  A time when the whole of the world can come together with a song of peace and fellowship. So, whether you are Christian, Catholic, Jew or Muslim this night celebrates you through the Love of Jesus Christ.  For your beliefs, or your non-beliefs, God still loves you, He still sent His Son to die for you…. With the birth of Christ He brought you a Silent Night for which to reflect upon your own life, your family, your friends. And, regardless of your belief it is a Holy Night….  So, I ask the world, please, for this Night won’t you set aside your differences; set down your weapons, take this One Night, this Holy Night and share with others all that’s good in family, friends and yes, those who share a difference from you……..

So this Night, this Holy Night, I leave all my brothers and sisters throughout the whole of the world in peace and love. May we all be brought closer to the Love and Peace of Christ Jesus. Here are two songs, by Jackie Evancho, I wish sharing this Night of Holy Nights through her renditions of:

Silent Night        Holy Night

Thank you for listening and may the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless and keep you, and yours, in Peace and Love!!!