Evolutionists rely upon Darwin’s original works in “Origins of the Species” to assert that all plants, animals and even man originate from a common source. Their total reliance is upon the ongoing scientific study. Their overview is creation, and God, are fairy tales.  Our childrenn are taught,, at all educational levels, that science of evolution is the only true and reliable system of explanation.

Here, in the following two video’s are compelling evidence, through science, that creation is far more reliable than Darwin’s natural selection. Both video’s are filled with charts, diagrams and illustrations to assist the viewer in their research. I welcome you to view these video’s.  Study each so that you can support your religious belief in creation and do so through science.

An excellent study tool for Pastors, Bible Study Groups and schooling of all age groups and education levels.

Origins of the Species. Was Darwin Right (part 1)

Origins of the species. Was Darwin Right (part 2)