Category: Explaining the Trinity with Reasons

In “The Trinity Explained (with reasons)” we discover a helpful Bible Study and teaching tool with an ease of explaining the Trinity to Christians, non-believers and people of other faiths. It is believed by many that the concept of a Trinity was introduced to us by Jesus and is only found in the New Testament. Many will use this same argument to show the Bible incomplete, inconsistent, contradictory and a hoax.  Is it? Or, does the Old Testament support Jesus concerning the Father, Son and Holy spirit? Here is another learning and Bible teaching tool by InspiringPhilosophy that arms you with knowledge to counter their attack. Thank you !!

A video that explains the Trinity with an ease of understanding. A good source for believers, non-believer and people of other faiths who want to learn more on the Triune or have been confused by the subject. I welcome everyone to view this video by InspiringPhilosophy. Thank you.