No, Jesus and Satan are not brothers. Jesus is God and Satan is one of His  creations. Not only are Jesus and Satan not brothers, they are as different as  night is from day. Jesus is God incarnate—eternal, all knowing and all powerful  while Satan is a fallen angel that was created by God for God’s purposes. The  teaching that Jesus and Satan are “spirit brothers” is one of the many false  teachings of the Mormons (Latter Day Saints), and to  some degree also the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Both of these groups are properly labeled as cults because they deny essential Christian  doctrine. While they use Christian terms such as Jesus, God and salvation, they  have heretical views and teachings on the most basic and essential Christian  doctrines. (Please note that most Mormons today will vehemently deny that they  believe Jesus and Satan are brothers. However, this teaching was most definitely  a belief of the early Mormons).

The teaching that Jesus and Satan are  “spirit brothers” is born out of the Mormons’ misunderstanding and distortion of  Scripture as well as some of the extra-biblical teachings they consider to be  authoritative. Simply put there is no way you can read the Bible using any type  of sound hermeneutical principles and come away with the idea that Jesus and  Satan are “spiritual brothers.” The Scriptures are very clear that Jesus is  fully God, not some type of lesser god as the Mormons or other cults believe.  The Scriptures are also very clear that God is transcendent above His creation  which simply means that there is no comparison between Christ the Creator and  Satan His creation.

Mormons believe that Jesus Christ was the first  “spirit child” born to God the Heavenly Father with one of his many wives.  Instead of acknowledging Jesus as the one true God, they believe He  became God, just as they will one day become gods. According to Mormon  doctrine, as the first of the “spirit children” of God, Jesus had preeminence  over Satan or Lucifer who was the second “son of God” and the “spirit brother”  of Jesus. It is ironic that they will use Colossians  1:15 as one of their “proof texts” because it says that: “He is the image of  the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.” Yet they ignore verse 16  where we see that “By Him (Christ) all things were created that are in heaven  and that are on earth. Visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or  principalities or powers. ALL THINGS were created through Him and for Him.” All  things—thrones, dominions, principalities or powers—include Satan and his  demons.

In order to believe that Satan and Jesus are “spiritual  brothers” one must deny the clear teaching of Scripture. Scripture is very clear  that it was Jesus Christ who created all things and that as the second person of  the triune Godhead Christ is fully and uniquely God. Jesus claimed to be God in  many passages of Scripture. In John 10:30 Jesus said, “I am the Father are one.” Jesus was not claiming to be another  lesser God. He was declaring that He was fully God. In John 1:1-5 it is clear that Jesus was not a created being  and that He Himself created all things. “All things were made through Him, and  without Him nothing was made that was made” (John 1:3). How  much clearer can it get? “All things” means what it says, and it includes Satan  who as an angel was himself a created being just like the other angels and  demons are. Scripture reveals Satan to be a fallen angel who rebelled against  God and Jesus as being God. The only relationship that exists between Satan and  Jesus is that of Creator and creation, of the righteous Judge Jesus Christ and  the sinful created being, Satan.

Like the Mormons, the Jehovah  Witnesses also teach that Jesus and Satan are spiritual brothers. While some  Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses might sometimes try to sidestep this teaching  because it is so antithetical to what the Bible actually says, it is  nevertheless what these organizations believe and is part of their official  doctrine.

Mormons believe that not only were Jesus and Lucifer “spirit  children of Elohim,” but that also humans are spiritual children as well. In  other words they believe that “God, angels, and men are all of the same species,  one race, one great family.” This is why they believe that they themselves will  one day become as much of a God as Jesus or even God the Father. Rather than  seeing the clear distinction in Scripture between God and His creation, they  believe that one day they will be a God themselves. Of course this is the same  old lie Satan has been telling us since the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:15). Apparently  the desire to usurp the throne of God is endemic in the hearts of men.

In Matthew  16:15 Jesus asked the important question: “But who do you say that I am?”  This is a question that is essential to salvation and one that the Mormons and  Jehovah Witnesses get wrong. Their answer that Jesus is the spirit brother of  Satan is the wrong one. Jesus is God the Son, and in Him the fullness of the  Godhead dwelt bodily (Colossians  2:9). He created Satan and one day He will cast Satan into the lake of fire  as the just punishment for his rebellion against God. Sadly on that Day of  Judgment those who fall for Satan’s lies will also be cast into the lake of fire  with Satan and His demons. The god of the Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses is not  the God who revealed Himself in Scripture. Unless they repent and come to  understand and worship the one true God, they have no hope of salvation.