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John 3:16-17

I have heard many reasons why people are uncertain about their eternal future. “I sin too much,” says one. “I don’t feel saved, Pastor,” says another. Someone else worries that she did not follow the “right procedure” to ask for forgiveness. Still others have erroneously learned from their families or churches that no one can be sure of salvation.

My response to all of these rationales is the same: If you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that His death on the cross purchased God’s forgiveness for your sins, then you are saved. And you can be sure.

God’s promises never change. He said that those who trust in His Son would have eternal life (John 5:24). What’s more, a believer cannot be snatched from God’s hand (John 10:27-30).

The Lord loves us unconditionally. Nothing can separate a believer from God’s love (Rom. 8:35-39). Satan’s charges against us can never change how precious we are to our Father.

The Savior’s work on the cross is finished. Jesus Christ made one perfect sacrifice—His own life. In this single act, He atoned for every sinful deed, word, and thought (Heb. 9:11-12, 26). When we receive His salvation, it is ours forever.

God loved us so much that He sent His Son to die for our sins so we could live eternally in His presence. It really is that simple. Whatever your doubts, ask the Holy Spirit to confront them with biblical truth. He will quietly assure your heart that you are God’s child forever (Rom. 8:16).

Agenda 21: a Documentary

As a Christian and American citizen, this should  be a difficult and troubling view not to be missed. Yet, totally enlightening. If you Love America, this is a MUST SEE film… it will, without doubt, explain what’s REALLY going on in America, and it’s take over.  Why the Administration is pushing so hard their agenda and so much more. A must view for American who love America. Please reblog this to help get the word and truth out to all!!!!!

I want to share this powerful video….. It is heart felt and moving to the spirit. I believe it’s one of the finest productions by Stan Moore available. Also, the song, “The One I’m Dying For” is by the Isaac’s. Such a powerful and moving song. By far my most favorite song and I hope that it becomes at least one of your favorites too. Settle back and enjoy what i call an “excellent” production.”

Video production by Stan Moore

To watch the video, please click on “The One I’m Dying For.”  Thank you!


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“Lord Heal Our Nation”

Want to know what your children are being taught?  If you’re trying to raise your children in a Christian home; then this video is a must see. You’ll be surprised to know how movies, advertisements and television are influential in promoting evolution. And, your children are watching episode after episode. How influential are Movies and television and advertisements like McDonald’s on our children? Find the answer in this video.

A must view if you have children: Evolution in Pop Culture

*Note: A great one on one with your children; Sunday School teaching and more.