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The greatest gift is of yourself. See how this couple did just that. A great Valentine’s Day view. Here is a miracle, how God brought together two people, who met on-line, for His plan.

Please enjoy it then give a little thought on “How we all might help, love and benefit one another in an altruistic way.”

Hoping this day of Love and Valentine’s, you’ll be inspired in God’s way.           See the Video   

Want to know what your children are being taught?  If you’re trying to raise your children in a Christian home; then this video is a must see. You’ll be surprised to know how movies, advertisements and television are influential in promoting evolution. And, your children are watching episode after episode. How influential are Movies and television and advertisements like McDonald’s on our children? Find the answer in this video.

A must view if you have children: Evolution in Pop Culture

*Note: A great one on one with your children; Sunday School teaching and more.