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“Children are precious, no matter where they come from. Shouldn’t they have a chance.”

You must have a flexible spirit. That is one of the first principles of revival. A meeting that cannot become elastic and subject to the movements of God, becomes a dead block in the way of the Spirit. The human spirit must be so sensitive to the Holy Spirit that just as He spoke to Philip, and said “Join yourself to this chariot,” so He may make known His will to you, and get as ready a response.

An adaptable spirit is essential to fulfil the will of God. Christ’s spirit was adaptable enough to respond to the needs and questions of Nicodemus. The will of God will be known in your spirit according to the attitude of the person who comes to you. If your spirit is closed, you can pass on no living truth to that person, probably because they are not ready.

If you traced and followed the delicate sense of your spirit it would become acute, and God could then make His will known to you—all in harmony with the written Word, for the Holy Spirit revealing in your spirit God’s mind cannot contradict Himself in God’s Word. It would mean a great deal if we all walked in the spirit and knew when we were speaking from the spirit and when merely from the mind, and therefore empty of spiritual power.

The spirit should illuminate the mind, but when the spirit drops out of co-operation with the Holy Spirit, the mind is left without the needed assistance, and its product is very poor. When you are in the spiritual plane and know the Holy Spirit in your spirit, you recognise there are grave consequences attached to all you do. You cannot go back from the spirit life without stepping into a pathway of failure. The moment you drop from the plane that you have reached you begin to lose spirit strength, and if you do not recover your place quickly you will ultimately sink into deeper failure. The loss not only affects yourself but everyone with whom you have to deal. You may wrongly interpret or reject the
words of a servant of God, and that would cause you to go back without knowing it. This hindrance to your spirit life will be maintained while that wrong thought or attitude is held.

If the Holy Spirit has once had the quickening of your mind so that your mind becomes capable of doing what it could not accomplish naturally, then in order to maintain that you will be obliged to live up to the highest point you have attained, and be satisfied with nothing below.

If, after reaching an altitude in the spirit life, you descend, even without knowing it, you will find yourself in the realm where the powers of
darkness can buffet you almost as they like. God only manifests His Divine power when you are living and acting at the point to which you have already attained (see Phil. iii. 16).

The greatest gift is of yourself. See how this couple did just that. A great Valentine’s Day view. Here is a miracle, how God brought together two people, who met on-line, for His plan.

Please enjoy it then give a little thought on “How we all might help, love and benefit one another in an altruistic way.”

Hoping this day of Love and Valentine’s, you’ll be inspired in God’s way.           See the Video   

Thought for the Day

an excellent post from Loopyloo305.

Evolutionists rely upon Darwin’s original works in “Origins of the Species” to assert that all plants, animals and even man originate from a common source. Their total reliance is upon the ongoing scientific study. Their overview is creation, and God, are fairy tales.  Our childrenn are taught,, at all educational levels, that science of evolution is the only true and reliable system of explanation.

Here, in the following two video’s are compelling evidence, through science, that creation is far more reliable than Darwin’s natural selection. Both video’s are filled with charts, diagrams and illustrations to assist the viewer in their research. I welcome you to view these video’s.  Study each so that you can support your religious belief in creation and do so through science.

An excellent study tool for Pastors, Bible Study Groups and schooling of all age groups and education levels.

Origins of the Species. Was Darwin Right (part 1)

Origins of the species. Was Darwin Right (part 2)

I believe strongly in Life. Yes, i am pro-life and deeply opposed to abortion. Like many people I am torn by the idea of mothers aborting their child in the womb and the needless taking of Life before it has  completed it’s chance at life. The definitive word being “completed.” Several weeks of life is not a choice for the child…. It is, by all accounts, murder. In America there has been in excess of 52+ million murders conducted from our back alleys to modern abortion clinics.

It may be “Choice” to adult and young women, but to the fetus, there is no voice, no choice. Their lives are extinguished without thought to what they may have chosen. no one is there speaking for them, or their personal and individual right. yes, to me, and to God, they are nonetheless “people.” A gift to the young mother from God.

Won’t you please write your Representative and Senators asking them to preserve life by passing a Pro-Life Amendment? The link below will automatically connect you to your Representative and Senators. It takes five minutes to voice your opinion and an opinion for the yet unborn. If you feel as I do, then please click the link below and write your Representative and Senators today. A life truly does depend on it.

Click here to: Visit the National Right to Life organization