Many of you understand the concept of love; listen to  Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski explain the real side of love.. I think you’ll find it interesting….




Enjoy the video clip. Enjoy your weekend !!


God Bless America

God Bless America is an American patriotic song written by Irving Berlin in 1918 and revised by him in 1938. The later version was recorded by Kate Smith, and became her signature song.

Today is the 15th Anniversary of the assault on the Twin Towers and our American soil by Islamic Terrorist. For all those who gave their lives; and, for all those who risk their lives in order to save others – I dedicate this song to them.

God is listening & hears you. Watch this short video to find God’s love and forgiveness! Salvation is only one prayer away.

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This message (video) is to all women. There is no doubt you are all awesome.

For the longest time young girls and young woman (Millennials) have been called derogatory names and you are lead to believe this is the value you have. If you listen to music at all – you know what these derogatory names are – These messages come from “Rappers and peers of your own age” What’s worse? You are celebrating it. You celebrate it on dance floors and in texts. Your value to God and to society is far greater than you know. So shrug off these names and it’s stigma –  pick new names for yourselves.  For you do have value and you are awesome. Please listen carefully to this video. and allow it to open your eyes.

It’s All About Love


Here is a wonderful message from our Christian sister in Sri Lanka.  Her message is worth hearing.

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Let your heart be still as you listen to this message of God’s love for you. Your life will be changed. Very much a worthy message.

As Christians have you stuck yourselves  in the closet? Afraid to come out and confront sin?

May be you need to listen to this message from Pastor Greg Locke about his coming out of the closet. Let this short message inspire you to come out of the closet and make a stand for your faith in Jesus Christ.

Today altruistico introduces a new topic field: “News from Israel”.  Israel is a very important Nation and contributes a great deal to the rest of the world.  I believe it’s important to recognize Israel and it’s people for not only what they contribute, but what they have endured.

Today, May 6th, we visit Poland and Poland’s Holocaust Memorial Day.

For those who are interested in receiving news from and around Israel; please click on our first broadcast “Holocaust Memorial Day in Poland.”

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