If you’ve ever been  confused about how to intercede for someone, Paul’s prayer in Colossians is  appropriate for every person and every situation. Because it fits perfectly  with God’s will, you can ask these requests with great confidence–both for  yourself and for others:

To  be filled with the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and  understanding. Not only do we need to know God’s plan for our lives;  we also require discernment to distinguish His guiding voice from our own  self-directed notions.

To  walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, pleasing Him in all respects. Our  lives should be patterned after the One we follow, with the goal of bringing  Him glory and delight.

To  bear fruit in every good work. Instead of being wrapped up in our  own jobs, possessions, pleasures, and plans, we should be contributing to  others’ lives.

To  increase in the knowledge of God. By reading His Word, applying it  to our lives, and observing His ways, we’ll gain a deeper understanding of the  Lord.

To  be strengthened with His power in order to remain steadfast. The Christian life  can be lived only with the Holy Spirit’s power.

To  joyously give thanks for all He’s done for you. Believers should be  characterized by joy and gratitude.

Too often we focus our requests on important  temporal needs but miss seeing the deeper spiritual work God wants to do.  Imagine how effective your prayers will be if  you’ll shift the emphasis of your petitions to the Lord’s desires. He’ll transform you and the people for whom you intercede.