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Jesus or Muhammad? – Walid Shoebat’s teachings are for educational purposes and to spread the Word of our Messiah.

Why do so many people believe that the return of Christ could happen at any moment? The One who millions call Savior said He would appear like lightning in the sky after the sun and the moon had stopped shining. But the world has not yet experienced the Armageddon predicted by the Bible. So why do some continue to say, “Jesus could return today.” In a Jerusalem upper room traditionally used to remember the promise of Christ’s return, hosts Mart De Haan and Jimmy DeYoung have come to explore the timing of Jesus’ promise to return. Discover more about “The Return of Christ.”

visit the land of the Bible and one of the most well-known gardens in the world. We’ll reflect on the agony and a prayer offered there almost 2,000 years ago—a prayer that has echoed from this garden through history. Discover “The Prayer of Gethsemane.”