1 Timothy 4:4-10

Because thinking shapes beliefs, and beliefs in turn determine lifestyle, a biblical mindset is vitally important in our Christian walk. Each day we choose to let either the world or God’s Word shape our thoughts. Although most of us are quick to say we believe the Bible, sometimes our actions do not match our words.

Where do you go when you want advice about a big decision or lifestyle choice? Websites, blogs, and the media offer a wealth of information that can be either beneficial or harmful. Co-workers, family, and friends are also readily available sources of counsel, but do they speak with worldly reasoning or godly wisdom? Our only sure resource for true and wise guidance is Scripture. Yet sadly, we do not always seek direction in its pages but instead rely on human intelligence and personal preferences.

Hebrews 4:12 describes God’s Word as ”living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword” and piercing into the deepest parts of the soul. Those who are reluctant to surrender to its penetrating work essentially dethrone the Lord by their refusal to listen and obey. But those who are willing to be nourished by Scripture, accepting its reproof and correction, will discover the riches of a life of faith.

Letting the Word be your guide requires costly changes in thought, attitude, and behavior. Yet any lifestyle adjustments, sacrifices, or disciplines that produce godliness also result in eternal profit. A solid foundation of faith and wisdom starts with going to Scripture for direction.