I noticed this article yesterday and decided to republish it here on Altruistico. I believe it compliments yesterdays post: HILLARY: CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA MUST DENY THEIR FAITH  and has a lot to say about the Clinton/Kaine ticket. So, let’s drop in and see what Marge has to say about Tim Kaine’s comments. Shall we?

I was watching the VP debate and right when the words “Jesuit-educated, devout Irish Catholic.” followed by something like, “I support abortion.”* left Tim Kaine’s mouth, I knew that he was going to slammed hard and probably even ex-communicated (if he hadn’t been already). So naturally, I went onto Twitter and typed in ‘Catholic Tim Kaine’ […]

via You Can’t be a True Catholic and Support Abortion Among Other Things- Sorry Tim Kaine — Catholic Posts