Radical Muslims need to be stopped; President Obama needs to be impeached.

The Muslim Issue

Why didn’t the U.S. government leave this rat Bowe Bergdahl to his self-created destiny? Should more and more people die in terrorist attacks to negotiate the release of someone suspected of intentionally organizing this scenario to pressure the government to release terrorists.

Before his twitter account was deleted Robert Bergdahl, the father of anti-American POW Bowe Bergdahl, who now goes by the name Abdullah, attests he is working to free all Muslim mass-murderers detained in Guantanamo Bay.

Robert Bergdahl demonstrates how delusional and how out of touch to reality libtards truly are. The Taliban are no humanitarians. Like Hamas, they constantly kill and oppress their own people. They don’t function for the best interest of the Afghan people. There is no one helping the Afghan people. President Karzai suffers from manic depressive conditions with aggressive and unpredictable mood changes and is not psychologically suitable to run the country. The Taliban…

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